Rachael Curnow




BSc (Hons) Injury, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Rachael Curnow

Rachael Curnow is a Soft Tissue Therapist who completed her degree in Injury, Treatment and Rehabilitation at Chichester University. She has worked in healthcare for 12 years and has spent 8 of these in private practice across both physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics.

Rachael is focused on helping people to achieve their goals and get back to their life routines, pain free by the use of soft tissue manipulation techniques. She is passionate about anatomy and physiology with a particular interest in the treatment of back, neck and ankle sprains. She has worked with a variety of people, from patients with occupational and overuse injury, amateur to elite athletes, pre and post-operative and amputee patients.

Rachael believes in living a healthy lifestyle and training the body correctly to enable you to be the best you can be. She believes each person’s needs are individualised and therefore patient focus is key to developing effective bespoke treatment plans.

In her spare time Rachael enjoys competing in sports, with her main focus being badminton where she represents Norfolk.