Claire Gurney


Pilates Instructor
Women's Health Team

About Claire

Claire Gurney is a chartered physiotherapist with additional training in pilates and womens’ health. Claire completed her MSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of East Anglia after working as a clinical pilates instructor and teaching GP referral exercise classes for 5 years.

Claire is passionate about the benefits of pilates and physical activity in preventing and rehabilitating injuries and in improving long-term health conditions. She understands how the blend of pilates, exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy and an active lifestyle can be used to benefit clients and to help them overcome their problems, whether they are a new mum with pregnancy-related back pain, or a runner with calf pain.

Claire works part-time as an musculoskeletal physiotherapist within the NHS and spends the rest of her time teaching pilates and providing physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy for Recover Physio patients.

Claire is an essential part of the Recover Physio team, providing individual pilates sessions, MSK physiotherapy for womens’ health, and soft tissue therapy appointments, which include sports massage and pregnancy massage.

In her spare time, Claire enjoys swimming, yoga and pilates.

Professional Education

MSc Physiotherapy
BSc Sports Science & Injury Management